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Beta Control is a supplier of shafts, both interior and exterior. The lift shaft is a dominant feature of the communal interior spaces of a house. Emphasis is placed on the technical excellence of implementation and also on modern design. The shaft construction is variable so that it can be installed in any type of house.

If the lift shaft is located on the external wall of the house, the basic requirement is protection of the lift against adverse weather effects. Also, the lift shaft becomes a striking architectonic feature of the whole house; therefore special emphasis is placed on timeless design and precise execution of all details.

vnitrni sachta venkovni sachta sachta oranz mala fermacel mala

Interior shafts

new steel structure 

  • The jacket from clear or milk shatterproof glass
  • The most frequent location in the space of the staircase mirror between staircase arms
  • The weldment made of closed steel sections
  • The top coat is made by two-component polyurethane paints according to the RAL colour chart


recontruction of an existing lift shaft

  • Replacement of unsuitable netting or wire-glass with Fermacell, Cetris or Diamant panels, or with shatterproof glass
  • The panels painted in a colour of your own choice
  • Location in the space of the staircase mirror between staircase arms, opposite the staircase, next to the staircase


Exterior shafts

  • The steel structure jacketed with clear or milk shatterproof glass 
  • Protection of the lift against adverse weather effects
  • Perfect solution in compliance with applicable standards
  • Safety
  • Modern design

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