Monitoring module for visualization of supervised facilities SOKOLÍK

SOKOLÍK is a universal device for the area of remote monitoring of machines by means of GPRS data communication.

Installation options

  • in the switchboard directly (without 12 VDC supply and back-up supply)
  • separate box installation with a monitoring device, mains and back-up power supply


Basic assembly without switchboard 


SOKOLÍK 4 (4 inputs)

For simple, inexpensive monitoring of basic states of the given device:

  • fault
  • service
  • power failure
  • emergency signalling
  • in the case of escalators, upward travel, downward travel
  • safety circuit failure, power failure

Visualization is executed by the LEMON system.


SOKOLÍK 16 (16 inputs)

 For more demanding applications with monitoring of the given device operation

  • fault
  • service
  • power failure
  • emergency signalling
  • door state
  • cab position

Visualization is executed by the LEMON system.





Connection to the monitored device is executed by means of 4-16 discrete, optically separated sensing inputs for 12-24 V, which are connected to the monitored technology.

If any input of the device changes, the device sends a data message to the supervisory server for further processing, by the LEMON software, for instance. Parameters are set up by means of SMS; in the same way, information on the device state, signal strength, back-up supply voltage etc. can be obtained.


Delivery method of SOKOLÍK 4 and 16 devices  

  • in a metal distribution board of approx. 300 x 400 mm with IP 20 protection
  • for escalators or by special request, a distribution board design with IP 64 protection can be supplied

rozvodnice sokolik

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